Chicos y Chicas, estoy de vuelta ;)

What’s up everyone (no is not the sky..) !

Long time no post no textures, but I am back! You MAY remember me as the guy who did Maxwell or Metagross as Ivysaur, or you probably don;t remember me at all. Well eithe way, I decided to do textures again and even better than before.  So this past weekend I worked in my best texture yet!

So I was playing some Brawl+, making some combos with jiggly to my cousin, when I noticed

Kef: Yo know Robert, there are not any good red bowser textures out there.
Robert: you know Kevin, you should do a Shadow Sonic or a Mewtwo with Lucario.
Kef: -.- Robert you’r ideas suck.
Robert: you suck black person
Kef: Robert, I am not black neither do you.
Robert: than why Max says it.
Kef: because he is a gangster.
Robert: but he is white.
Kef: -.-, you know what Robert just shut up (Kef kills Robert’s lucaro with a jiggly downb combo)

So I worked almost 2 days of the weeked on my comeback. Hope you guys like it.

Or else Tom Nook
Will kill you in your sleep.

Well without further ‘habladera’ here it goes…..


Finally a red bowser!!!!!!! My most detailed texture yet.

Brethes fire just like the real thing. Fyrus is from Twilight Princess, one of the bosses.

He is happy to join Brawl.
A little explanation
This bowser, believe it or not is very detailed. The diamond is right there on the middle of it’s forehead. Both sign thingys are on both legs and arms. All the fire that cover him was taken directly from the real fyrus. Eyes were one of my favorite parts, because they make him look different than bowser. His hair resembles the rock part of Fyrus’ head. Also you can notice the spikes on the back are covered in flames, but unintencionaly covered them with fire which accidentally produced a ‘drill’ effect which looks really nice.


7 comentarios para “Chicos y Chicas, estoy de vuelta ;)”

  1. Al principio no sabia quien era hasta que vi la imagen que pusiste en KC xD. Esta muy bien, se parece mucho.

    Te salen las imagenes cortadas.

  2. He corregido las fotos, ahora se ven bien. Tienen que ponerse al 70% de su tamaño en este blog.

  3. Hmmm… creía que habías desaparecido… XD Es broma.

    Me gusta la textura. Y como es de un juego al que he jugado, me gusta más XD

    Haces bien diciendo que te comenten la textura. Desde que Stack Smash murió, el número de visitantes se redujo bastante. A ver si la vuelven a poner de una vez y ponen el enlace a nuestro blog de nuevo XD

    EDIT: Kef, métete en la página del equipo y pon una imagen y una descripcion sobre ti debajo de la de Unai NAO!! OR ELSE YOU WILL DIE!

  4. Alexjol, esta pagina aparece tambien en ESH, y ESH tiene visitas.

  5. que buena ya no me acordaba ni de ese boss

  6. Val Halen Says:

    Hahaha, I gave that idea for a guy that made a Darbus texture on Bowser… But the idea was to make Giga Bowser as Fyrus… =P
    Anyway, looks great! I loved it!
    But… I have a question… My Bowser textures don’t work at all! They’re named right (FitKoopaXX.pcs), in the right folder (Koopa), but nothing! TT_TT

  7. Val Halen, try to put both .pcs and .pac files.


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