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Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO

Posted in Music on diciembre 2, 2010 by blackboxinglion

This game is out, sadly isnt brawl compatible but im uploading the brres in my brawlvault, check them maybe you dont like the series but this is epic shit.

Some Previews, the previews are the previews, the brres are perfect looped the rest of them

And finally, he’s here for you…

Posted in alexjol, Characters, Music, Stage Hacks, Videos on septiembre 14, 2010 by alexjol

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Actualización de música (otra vez)/Music update(again)

Posted in alexjol, Music on mayo 28, 2010 by alexjol

Español: Sí, vuelvo a traer música como actualización de relleno, pero esta vez, es un teaser al mismo tiempo, ya que dos de las canciones están relacionadas con hacks que he hecho/estoy haciendo.

English: Yes, I bring music again as a filler update, but this time, it’s a teaser as well, as two of the songs are related to hacks that I’ve done/I’m doing at the moment.

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Naruto´s Sand Village/La Aldea de la Arena de Naruto

Posted in Master Hax, Music, Stage Hacks, Thunder Ztar on febrero 28, 2010 by Thunder Ztar

This is my latest stage hack, Naruto´s  Sand Village, goes over the online training room(STGONLINETRAINING.pac)

Este es my mas reciente  hack a un escenario,la Aldea de la Arena de Naruto, va en el campo de entrenamiento online(STGONLINETRAINING.pac)

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Actualización de Música/Music Update

Posted in alexjol, Music on febrero 26, 2010 by alexjol

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