Personajes/The Roster

Clone Luigi by JARV69

Skull Kirby by JARV69

Ioyoshi by Magnus

Captain Mario & Captain Luigi by Master Hax

Velocidrome Camo Suit  Snake by Magnus

Frozone by alexjol

Congalala by Magnus

Alex Russo by alexjol

Robocop revamped by alexjol

Phazon Suit Samus V2 & Full Power Phazon Suit Samus by Unai

Robocop by alexjol

Phazon Suit Samus by Master Hax

FFTA Archer by Magnus

Falcon ROB revamped by Kef

E.T. by Kef

Magma team by ArtRed

Falcon ROB by Kef

Fyrus by Kef

Nightmare by Unai

Boo Mario & Slimer by alexjol

Master Hax’s texture hacks by… Master Hax

ALTTP Toon Link with weapons & Oracles Toon Link by Magnus

aLttP Link By MagnusBoomerang L-1 By MagnusaLttP Bow By MagnusOracles Link By Magnus

Revamped Fierce Deity Link by Unai

Some of ArtRed’s textures by ArtRed

LussuriaRed thunder FalcoToonBatLavazard

Dharma Ness by alexjol

Captain Duffman by Kirzo


alexjol’s old textures by… alexjol

Dry Bones by Magnus


Black Mage & Phazon Suit Kirby Hats by Magnus


Bagon by alexjol

Metagross by Kef

Sackboy by Kef

Sylux by Unai

Taillow, Pidgey & Starly by Magnus


Dark Chao by Kef

Prinny by jarv69

Prinny 2Prinny 3Prinny 4

Wolverine by Unai

Fierce Deity Toon Link by Unai

Ganondorf Deluxe by Unai

Fierce Deity Link by Unai

Captain Awesome by Unai

Dragon (disgaea) by Jarv69

dragon 1dragon 2dragon 3dragon 4

Mario Clon by Jarv69

Mario Clon

Natu by alexjol

Hitmonlee by alexjol

Santiago’s Order Marth by Magnus


The Incredible cuadruple update by alexjol

Homosexual Snake by Borja

Choco-Kirby by Magnus

Too Sexy 8)¡PIUM! ¡PIUM!

Koopa Troopa by Magnus

Koopa TroopaKoopa Troopa1Koopa Troopa2Koopa Troopa3

Ice Marth by Borja

Diddy Ness by alexjol

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