Español: Poned lo que se os ocurra que podamos hacer en un personaje. No os flipeis.

English: Suggestions for characters that have NOT been made yet. And don’t say crazy things like «make Nemo on Ganondorf!», because it’s not gonna happen.

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  1. SonicUnderground316 Says:

    Model hacked Lucario as Knuckles : By using the partial size modifier hack, I think you can be able to make a pretty decent Knuckles the echidna hack/model . By making his head,hands,dreads and feet bigger and by making his ears and tail smaller (especialy is ears since Knuckles have no ears) and after all that making him proportional to Sonic’s size ,i think it might work.Also you should try to make is legs thinner (I mean the part that look like a pair of pants) and if possible, use Knuckles’s brawl texture since he’s in (kind of).If this not mess every thing up,can you try to drawn an other pair of eyes over Lucario’s initial pair? Kind of like this but more accurate (maybe by using knuckles eyes from the trophy texture) :

    Model hacked Fox as Tails: Almost like knuckles :make his extremities bigger and make his ears and tail way bigger too and after all that make him a bit smaller(compare to Sonic’s size). If possible, use the transperrency hack or partial size modifier hack to make his gadgets invisible or at least smaller the rest is pretty much the same.

    P.S:I’m sorry if I sound cocky or something but because it’s a hard request, i’m tried to be as specific as possible even though i know nothing about texture/model hacking.

    • LOL, that’s a long request.

      I personally don’t think I’m going to make this one, as I have lots of ideas for textures, and I haven’t made even half of them. I’m also messing with PSA right now. Maybe the other members would like to try.

    • We don’t know how to use the partial size modifier. Anyway we are PAL, and we don’t have that code.

  2. kefrocks Says:

    a ver si alguien puede hacer a Isaac Clarke de Dead Space con Snake.

  3. vcv, si no salen tus comentarios, es porque si pones mas de dos enlaces en tu comentario, se envia el mensaje a la bandeja de spam y un mod tiene que aprobarlo, asi que no repitas todo lo que has escrito una y otra vez, solo espera que alguien te lo apruebe.

  4. ok perdon pense que ocurria eso debido al numero de letras y por eso no salian

  5. kefrocks Says:

    Yo, miembro del equipo tambien tengo mis sugerencias XD

    Porfavor, hagan a Isaac Clarke de Dead Space con snake!

  6. Berserk

    Ike (guts) I dont know if you could keep his right eye closed.
    Marth (Into griffith)
    Kirby (behelit)

    They were totally made for this! specificly and they fit and look like a perfect match. If there was a very good totorial I would do it myself. Like I have photoshop knowledge but I cant figure the pac files out. you can do it! Guts vs griffith from the PS2 game. also guts has a prostetic metal left arm thats also suports a hand canon also a brand on the back of his neck. super please!

  7. @Behelit: Ummm… if you haven’t noticed yet… «Dijo» is «said» in Spanish, so yeah…

    And if you want a tutorial, in this version of ASH: you can read the «Readme» file, where it’s explained how to make textures, and it’s in English and Spanish.

  8. SonicUnderground316 Says:

    Can you try a SatAM Robotnik hack for Warioman by using the partial size modifier please?

    P. S: SatAM Robotnik:

    Not AoStH robotnik (aka PINGAS):

  9. SonicUnderground316 Says:

    About my last comment, you can at least try a SatAM Robotnik texture and let somebody else make the PSM hack on it. When i post my last comment i didn’t know that you did not know how to use the PSM ( i only read the response to my knuckles and tails idea).I post most on my important suggestions on many smash hacking site anyway, so at least one hacker will one of them (hopefully).

    I don’t know if this can help you with the texture but anyway:

  10. Make a Bayonetta Out of ZSS PLZ

  11. Matthew Renners Says:

    Avatar Aang out of Ness !

    His PK powers look kinda like Bending powers…

  12. SonicUnderground316 Says:

    Tails working:
    with the help of RandomTBush Bone add tool!!!!

    can somebody make a PSA for him,Please

    • WTF? First of all, that tool wasn’t made by RTB. Who said that to zeondude in the first place? The tool was made by Fortwaffles, so he should credit him.

      And if you want someone to make a PSA for him, don’t post it on texture hacking team who post their done and upcoming projects (that means their already have projects in mind, so they barely take suggestions). Post it on smashboards where there are people that know how to use it and haven’t decided what character to make. Thanks.

  13. SonicUnderground316 Says:

    Oh i’m sorry thank for the advice(i guess)

  14. SonicUunderground316 Says:

    @alexjol: So your a texture hacking team right?Hmmm?

    quote:»(…)I’m also messing with PSA right now. Maybe the other members would like to try.»

    It’s what i ask right : a PSA! like i said in my previous comment when i post a request that i really want i post it on every team anyway.if you don’t want to do it just don’t do it don’t tell me you are a texture hacking team when i saw animation hack(black shadow) and model import (naruto stage).

    • quote:»quote:”(…)I’m also messing with PSA right NOW. Maybe the other members would like to try.”»

      Hmmm… maybe you should see the date of that comment…

      And lol @ what you said about me saying «texture hacking team» instead of «brawl hacking team». FYI, I call texture hacking team to any team that hacks brawl. I know it’s not perfectly right calling them «texture hacking team», but I got used to it. Sorry if this confused you, but you don’t have to tell me what my team does, as it’s MY team, not yours (duuuuuuuh) 😀

  15. Xalren Says:

    Hi guys, saw you’ve got this suggestion page and was wondering if you could help me out with a machinima I’m making by making me a texture.

    It would be for Pit, and if possible I need it to resemble this picture.

    Only difference would be if you could keep the wings and tip them in red. if that’s not possible and you can only keep them white that would be fine too.

    Thanks for the consideration.

  16. electra98 Says:

    para los de nintendo y club nintendo sabeis el juegos que se lanzo en japon de animal crossing wild wor pues quiero saber si podiais hacer la version japonesa con todos los trucos al español.gracias

  17. JAJAJA que LOL el ultimo comentario. Bueno venia a preguntar si podriais hacer algun otro personaje de bobobo como heppokomaru sobre Lucas o Softon en el capitan falcon (el efecto brillante del casco quedaria perfecto para el efecto «helado» XD). aunque de todas formas tengo esperanzas de que el vertex box 2 de das donkey este a prueba de noobs como yo y pueda ocuparme por mi mismo 😛

  18. Brock Willard Says: The picture is zelda and peach merged like conjoined twins, specifically the Dithoracic Parapagus formation. But instead of in front of one another could you make them more side by side. If you could do this, it would be EPIC!

  19. could you please add legendarysmashteam to you link section D:

    its no biggie if you dont wanna

  20. este sitio lleva un año oliendo a muerte hariais un favor a wordpress borrandolo

  21. Johnc923 Says:

    I have to agree with your statement with this issue and cdedgagfkdeg

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